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Puppy Culture

Setting Our Puppies up for Success

At Pomsky Paradise we strongly believe in setting our puppies up for success. We can all agree on one thing everyone wants a good stable dog. Unfortunately, having a good dog doesn't happen without effort. Puppy culture is all about creating adaptable, stable, amazing pups which in turn are good dogs. Puppy Culture does exactly that, this takes a hundred years of combined experience into protocols to set our puppies up for success from day one. This program includes all stages of Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), developmental periods, enrichment, early socialization, communication trinity, problem prevention, and helps us prepare the puppies to handle stress and be extremely adaptable. This is huge for their transition when they arrive at their new homes! This is an amazing tool that makes this first huge transition easier for the pups and their new family! The great part is this is all backed by science! Learn more about Puppy Culture here!

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About ENS

The first three weeks of a puppy’s life are a very influential time. During this time human touch is extremely important, this allows the pups to view our touch as positive . ENS starts on day 3 and lasts until day 16 which is a time of rapid neurological growth and development. ENS requires daily individual handling of each puppy while preforming five exercises to stimulate their nervous system. The five known benefits of ENS are improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heart beats, more tolerance to stress, stronger adrenal glands, and greater resistance to disease. If you're interested in learning more about ENS and how it benefits our pups feel free to visit the links below! 



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DNA Testing

Top Quality Breeding

We raise exceptional animals and DNA test our parents to ensure we make the best decision for happy healthy puppies. We do this to ensure our puppies don't develop any hereditary diseases and are genetically sound. We are dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, and our focus is on keeping our puppies healthy and happy for their new homes.

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A Healthy Pack

Honest Dog Breeder

Our pups are vet checked before going to their homes to ensure they are in good health and ready for their families.  All of our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations with records for their new family. The puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks and fecal exams are done to ensure they are clear! Our adults also get dewormed with the pups to ensure there is no transmission from adults to the pups! All adults are kept up to date on their vaccinations. 

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Well Socialized

It's very important that puppies get the proper socialization along with their early stimulation. Puppies need a variety of interactions frequently in order to properly socialize them and set them up for success. As we previously mentioned above we start this off with ENS and as they get bigger we add onto that foundation by socializing them with people (of all ages), objects, loud noises, activities, other dogs, and more! We spend a lot of time socializing our puppies with a variety of different people, daily activities and sounds, other dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as introducing activities to them such as car rides! Socializing is a big key to a successful super pup that is well rounded and ready to take on the world!

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About the Breed

Pomskies are gorgeous dogs that are created by mixing Siberian Huskies with a Pomeranians. There are many generations of Pomskies the first being an F1 which is where they originally mix going all the way to multi gens. This breed is very popular among dog lovers and is quickly stealing everyone's hearts. In 2017 it was one of the most popular breeds. Pomskies are highly adaptable, don't have large space requirements, and have moderate exercise needs, making them a good apartment dog. Pomskies are very trainable and eager to please with charismatic personalities, but consistency when training is a must. Pomskies are small to mid-sized dogs ranging from 10"-18" tall and 8-38 lbs. Standard sized Pomskies range from 14"-18" tall and 20-38 lbs. Mini Pomskies are under 14" tall and 12-20 lbs. and Micro/Toy Pomskies are under 10" tall and up to 15 lbs. (APKC)

Click Here for a video we recommend watching before making a commitment to the Pomsky breed! 

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Good Dog Approved

We are a proud member of the Good Dog's Good Breeder Community!

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Proud Pomsky Owner Association Member

We are a proud breeder of the Posmky Owners Association

Learn more about POA here!

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